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◄ SL20W41 | SL20W43 ►

  • Shop System complete overhaul week 3
  • Complete cleanup of last weeks todos moved into: Todo
  • Remove addition displayName for crafting. Only allow linking of Tools/Recipe if no additional enchantments/itemflags exist
  • Probably should not use enchantments/itemflags for recipes because we cannot nickname the libid easily
  • SaveLandAction: Disable plots from being save if there are shops on top
  • Bug: ItemFrames can be griefed currently (block place)
  • Bug: Amount of money in research is in cents but should be in mars
  • Tablist: Broken only on join and enabled state
  • Stream: Implement some commands: !today, !dc !discord, !music, !playlist, !ip, !project, add personal account to twitch for sub-gifting