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◄ SL20W43 | SL20W45 ►

    • Needs setting in the specific user
    • Show remaining time as title screen
    • Needs regular ticking to update the title screen (FakeServer)
    • Add command to give prison time /magic prison * 10sec
  • Flying:
    • Limit horizontal speed (X,Z) to a max value even when gliding (very important for planetary tp to not cause to much chunk loading)
    • Bug: Researching affects flying only after relogin / world change
    • Added effect to signalize maxspeed (x/z speed)
  • Planets:
    • Add farmworld area teleportation blocks
  • Change Option to IOption everywhere

  • Bug: Research does not directly affect the FlightState
  • Bug: Changing the shop buy/sell values is not being validated against wrong input
  • Feature: Need to change WorldOptions to ChoiceState for all of the plot options
    • Disconnected WorldSettings from LandSettings / Option System
    • Extending WorldSettings from AbstractVC instead of AbstractOptionable
    • Implement LandOptions in WorldSettings as 4-State enum (ForcedOn, DefOn, DefOff, ForcedOff)
    • Fixes hoppers not changeable on plot
  • Bug: Boots not disabling in water
  • Bug: Duplicated error/stack-output on some interactions
  • Bug: Too much Tool-Info output on death events