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library fromcommandoverwrite schema_t_shops minecraft:spruce_sign{display:{Lore:['{"text":"@Tool:t_shops"}'],Name:'[{"text":"[","color":"#AA0A0A"},{"text":"⚒","color":"gold","bold":true},{"text":"] ","color":"#AA0A0A"},{"text":"Shop: Spruce","color":"dark_green"}]'}}

fcraft enabled t_shops false
ftool delete t_shops 
fcraft delete t_shops 

fcraft create t_shops bookshelf,bookshelf,bookshelf,bookshelf,sprucesign,bookshelf,bookshelf,chest,bookshelf schema_t_shops 
#fcraft description t_shops 1 "Allows you to creat shops with a birch sign"
fcraft shaped t_shops true

ftool create t_shops schema_t_shops
ftool unique t_shops true
ftool soulbound t_shops true
ftool limiteduse t_shops true 100
ftool linkrecipe t_shops true

ftool setEventTrigger t_shops org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerInteractEvent
ftool setmethodname t_shops createShop 2
#ftool setmethodparam t_shops 0
ftool setmethodparam t_shops 1 org.bukkit.Material SPRUCE_WALL_SIGN

ftool testmethod t_shops