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Alpha 1



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Kades Stuff


General Todos

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Key-Features (New)

  • Chunkli
    • MojangAPIProxy
      Allows higher rate of requests to the API Service without breaking. This is needed especially if running multiple servers behind the same IP-Address. If using multiple Servers behind the same IP this will otherwise cause GameProfile-Requests to timeout (1call/60sec ratelimit). This is needed for FakeStuff Players, Crates, Heads
    • GameProfile-Cache: Local GameProfile Cache that will get updated via Chunkli API and not Mojang API.
    • PlayerId-Cache: Local (UUID/Name)-Cache. This allows to get the current Name of a User at any point (especially usefull if the user is not online and changed the Name in the meantime).
  • Kadi
    • LibItem
      Generalized Item-Library that can (hopefully) identify all Items used on the Server. It is designed in a way to allow using Hashes at all other points in the Software. Normally you would save/serialize Itemstacks within a Object (FPlayer holding a Sword in its hand). With the Item-Library we only store references to the Library. This allows us to track items easily, allows shopping any item with a unique name and opens the possibility to globally ban a specific item making it unusable.
    • LibCmd
      A library containing executable commands identified by a unique name. It is possible to make chained fireworks this way or spawn items from fireworks/entities dying etc. This can be used to create special tools. OnBreak Event could cause a command to run at the location



Getting started