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+ Implement kicks, bans ( & mutes ) /kick * /kickall
/ban xxxx reason
/tempban xxxx TIME reason

+ UserActivity logging as JSON

+ AreaEffectManager to allow setting effects at a specific location
/aeff set name lava freq,amount,speed
/aeff set name lava world,x,y,z,freq,amount,speed

+ Panels / Slides test
+ Recordings Test
+ Rewardsigns + HTML test / flottery test
+ Reward signs

Define Tools


Todos 1.14

- REMOVE ALL .getType().getId()

- Fix ChunkliInit Facade errors

  1. RegionCommands Copy
  2. RegionHelper Copy
  3. LandXXXHelper Copy
  4. CommandsHelper

New Stuff 1.13.2

+ New Events?(CraftBossBar api update)

RayTraceResult getTargetBlockExact return new UUID( UnsignedLongs.parseUnsignedLong( uuid.substring( 0, 16 ), 16 ), UnsignedLongs.parseUnsignedLong( uuid.substring( 16 ), 16 ) );

Daily Event via Command + Location

2000 Kadis startgeld langsam vergeben, 100 Kadis pro 5 Min


BooleanPromt, Conversation?, StringPromt? BlockLeaves: Remove the decaying on first world generation? PacketPlayOutScoreboardObjective

setPlayerViewDistanceFake setViewDistanceFake teleportandload?


JUKEBOXING Flag SHOPS Flag Clear_Inventory Flag SERVER_TP Flag

skylight arry & emitted array gone from chunksection? Test meltIce & meltSnow

WorldUpgrade knows how tu load/unload chunks?

Removed smaller stuff

BlockReed, BlockMushroom growing

WorldGenNether wither skeleton spawning getTypeOnLoadedChunk in different places

/chunk clonetest 2,5


PlayerChunkMap trackedEntities is iterated on each chunk that is being sent.... FIX THIS

/time warp 1200