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Already possible

  • User personal Item Storage (BackpackComponent, libItemStorage / storedStacks)

Rule: No full EntityPlayer object saving as in MultiInv previously - bad design

Possible additions

  • Store Setups (Armor + 10 Slots = 14 Items) in virtual (FakeStuff) Armorstands or FPlayer. Allows swapping/loading full setups. (Compare D3 Armory )
  • Entity Storage similar to personal Item Storage. Could allow so save/load/transport Horses
  • Planetary transportation
    • Fake-Chest UI inserting
    • New Villager trading menu
    • Shulkerboxes needed? Box will be lost as transportation container (good cost integration)
    • KShop -> "SpaceShip Module". Similar to Fake-Chest but probably better interaction (KShop is known) and item saving/loading could have some cost
      • SpaceShip Module upgradable (more slots, free extraction slots not included in fuel cost).
      • Slots blocked / Page switching?
      • Extraction cost (Farmworld) based on amout of items to be extracted (fuel)
  • Teleportation
    • Teleportation only via "beacons"
    • Teleportation costs 'extraction fee' similar to farmworld idea (fuel!)
    • Cost distance based? (kinda shitty when joining a year later)
    • Teleportation takes time based on distance covered? (upgradable?)

Late future

  • Couchbase Queue for inter-server transportation