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(Old Backup)


Previous design was

PluginName -> PluginDataContainer


PluginDataContainer has PluginName, BinaryJSONData

New design

PluginName -> Map<Path, PluginDataContainer>


PluginDataContainer has PluginName, Path, Version, BinaryJSONData

this allows storing different identifiable data for a single plugin.

Before a big json would have to be created to fit all data from all parts of a plugin.

Specifically in Kadi case this would be problematic when storing region-data and Fakes-data at the same time


  • Disable dropper transport upwards
  • (?) Oxygen, Oxygendispenser, Oxygenconverter -> Biome Conversion
  • Possibly add TimedPermissions by adding a runtime and a PermManager queue<long> with endtimes per user
  • BungeeFix: Tp to Player (any Server)


Possible Test worlds:

"Normal" (Single Plots world)



"Spawnie Extended"



SP = Road-System + Upgradable 5x5 Plots

SP2 = Road-System + Buyable bigger plots all at once

SP3 = Single Plots world

- Crops only in sunlight

- Nearly no mobs anywhere

- Very low spawn-rate

- Events/Attacks on locations