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Anmerkung 2020-10-17 010333.png
Anmerkung 2020-10-17 010508.png


  • Removal of "Debug-Stick" interaction
  • Removal of "DoubleChest Shops"
  • Removal of "Chest Shops", replacement with "Barrel Shops"
  • Removal of direct chest interaction
  • Removal of special cases for removing shop signs etc


  • Add special case for Tools that should never be traded
  • Implement LibMeta/Lib conversion of tools to the default schema tool
  • We need the amount on the sign (for typical 64 stacking items) to make the prices not be 0.01 all the time
  • Change impl to not have [SHOP] in blueprint but the actual item from the given chest


  • Add Sounds on shop interaction events buying/selling/shopempty/aborting
  • Total amount of Product in all shops on the server (probably somewhat off because we cannot really track hoppers for now)