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We get spammed with PacketPlayInFlying by clients. This will result in a LOT of tryFly(...) calls. Implement a "lastchecked" timestamp to only check once per tick

head fromurl h_rbcore0 f2622553cd1d5a7534b2e660f6623454429ea6819497c6d967358c579a0
head fromurl h_rbcore1 c391c8e7e4e2f5380dd1c62565e9ccb18eb49a9375c041d35ffb69769d8
head fromurl h_rbcore2 31748f72b3953c546a4eec6ffe8ab7723072511913817ae3e85a3cc084bd7965
head fromurl h_rbcore3 ffd4d5f9d17b3afbc21d58a5f4c8c529cbd5b1a0793291ecf8d4d2c6ce8087
head fromurl h_rbcore4 bf8554b1512dedcff5ff9921a0f8515a5790e8e395b6ce2d14a938b7990b467
head fromurl h_rbcore5 74a9c7bd6c7a28e8aca41c89c361fd1da24b7d64452bcf49bb0fbace5a07388

head fromurl h_rbcore6 8ce7a2c3b947a5cd52132fc49cb3c9d964ce68034cc444c2498135efe35bde
head fromurl h_rbcore7 f9143890fd576bf54aaacb1926778a48870f84c273a7a39a7cfd4af8dc665f7
head fromurl h_rbcore8 859e5973ab734c06b5e1869ac17e5a4783f2a846f8206fa5e5ee97219424a
head fromurl h_rbcore9 881bdc0bdf3b9b109183dcad87cf25eb8fe30c984cdab35ff2e2df3b57690
head fromurl h_rbcore10 a970bdaf97ac8832bb773a60b013f28653f38ae12aaf35fec88bdda7c4df345

head fromurl h_rbcore11 fe8e3b2eff7f1d6584dbb5f7badae1923b7ddd713f7fd18010dff434b525b
head fromurl h_rbcore12 7f372128d1be5d4fceec4e3f4f37b3cafb42ddca3da4676f2767ff312c99f0
head fromurl h_rbcore13 36fd6239354087b49423e1f6f6aeb2e53d087949b38fc1cd9ea9cd4d9dfceaa
head fromurl h_rbcore14 8bb5ec1d614889e4c51b36fbc4f78291b34c6b8ddd67077d23cf971a5c28c
head fromurl h_rbcore15 8e446a762bdf71c22657bb4797e9a72890ebffc7dda072b4b79d4f166ace8074

head fromurl h_rbcore16 189b4b9aeb9aa2d8f25c384d6c55a56286ffe626cb68c7d49f957e73f9ef16
head fromurl h_rbcore17 d755cedd3c5137df1872310a17ebe7b1b5dda4cc6466a966816ba9e7e7aeba
head fromurl h_rbcore18 6ddc242efdee5b19164ed72d384899f8b2c94dafa2b0d53372b2329c5256fe

library fromcommand schema_rb_cpu end_crystal{display:{Name:'{"text":"§r§l[§6✈§r§l] CPU"}'}}

library fromcommand schema_rb_link blaze_rod{display:{Name:'{"text":"§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Link"}'},HideFlags:1,ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}]}

# RB AntiG
library fromcommand schema_rb_antig fire_charge{display:{Name:'{"text":"§r§l[§6✈§r§l] AntiG"}'},HideFlags:1,ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}]}

library fromcommand schema_rb_level golden_boots{display:{Name:'{"text":"§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Schema"}'},HideFlags:39,Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:lure",lvl:1s}]}

## rb_cpu crafting
fcraft delete rb_cpu
fcraft create rb_cpu daylightsensor,endrod,daylightsensor,endrod,enchantmenttable,endrod,daylightsensor,endrod,daylightsensor rb_cpu "§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-CPU"
fcraft description rb_cpu 1 "§l§6RocketBoots-CPU" ----fixme
fcraft description rb_cpu 2 "§l§5Dieses Item kann kombiniert mit " ----fixme
fcraft description rb_cpu 3 "§l§53xLinks und 3xAntiG zu einem" ----fixme
fcraft description rb_cpu 4 "§l§5RocketBoots-Core gecraftet werden." ----fixme
fcraft shaped rb_cpu true ----fixme

give kademlia minecraft:blaze_rod 1 0 {display:{Name:"§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-LinkBlueprint"},HideFlags:1,ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}]}
/flibrary create rb_link
fcraft create rb_link "§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-Link" goldblock,goldblock,goldblock,redstoneblock,redstoneblock,redstoneblock,coalblock,coalblock,coalblock rb_link
fcraft description rb_link 1 "§l§6RocketBoots-Link"
fcraft description rb_link 2 "§l§5Dieses Item kann kombiniert mit"
fcraft description rb_link 3 "§l§51xCPU und 3xAntiG zu einem"
fcraft description rb_link 4 "§l§5RocketBoots-Core gecraftet werden."

give kademlia minecraft:fire_charge 1 0 {display:{Name:"§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-AntiGBlueprint"},HideFlags:1,ench:[{id:0,lvl:1}]}
/flibrary create rb_antig
# RB AntiG
fcraft create rb_antig "§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-AntiG" potion_speed2,potion_jump2,potion_regeneration2,hopper,hopper,hopper,clock,clock,clock rb_antig
fcraft description rb_antig 1 "§l§6RocketBoots-AntiGravitation"
fcraft description rb_antig 2 "§l§5Dieses Item kann kombiniert mit"
fcraft description rb_antig 3 "§l§53xLinks und 1xCPU zu einem"
fcraft description rb_antig 4 "§l§5RocketBoots-Core gecraftet werden."

fcraft delete b_rbcore1
fcraft create b_rbcore1 null,schema_rb_cpu,null,schema_rb_link,schema_rb_link,schema_rb_link,schema_rb_antig,schema_rb_antig,schema_rb_antig h_rbcore1
fcraft shaped b_rbcore1 true

fcraft create h_rbcore2 h_rbcore1,h_rbcore1 h_rbcore2
fcraft create h_rbcore3 h_rbcore2,h_rbcore2 h_rbcore3
fcraft create h_rbcore4 h_rbcore3,h_rbcore3 h_rbcore4
fcraft create h_rbcore5 h_rbcore4,h_rbcore4 h_rbcore5
fcraft create h_rbcore6 h_rbcore5,h_rbcore5 h_rbcore6
fcraft create h_rbcore7 h_rbcore6,h_rbcore6 h_rbcore7
fcraft create h_rbcore8 h_rbcore7,h_rbcore7 h_rbcore8
fcraft create h_rbcore9 h_rbcore8,h_rbcore8 h_rbcore9
fcraft create h_rbcore10 h_rbcore9,h_rbcore9 h_rbcore10
fcraft create h_rbcore11 h_rbcore10,h_rbcore10 h_rbcore11
fcraft create h_rbcore12 h_rbcore11,h_rbcore11 h_rbcore12
fcraft create h_rbcore13 h_rbcore12,h_rbcore12 h_rbcore13
fcraft create h_rbcore14 h_rbcore13,h_rbcore13 h_rbcore14
fcraft create h_rbcore15 h_rbcore14,h_rbcore14 h_rbcore15
fcraft create h_rbcore16 h_rbcore15,h_rbcore15 h_rbcore16
fcraft create h_rbcore17 h_rbcore16,h_rbcore16 h_rbcore17
fcraft create h_rbcore18 h_rbcore17,h_rbcore17 h_rbcore18

# Test recipe
fcraft delete ohno
fcraft create ohno goldingot,goldingot,goldingot,null,null,null,null,null,null goldingot "You stupid"
fcraft description ohno 1 Y u do dis?
fcraft shaped ohno true

# RB Level 1
fcraft delete rb_level1
fcraft create rb_level1 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore1,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 1§r"
fcraft description rb_level1 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 1
fcraft description rb_level1 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 68%
fcraft description rb_level1 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 10%
fcraft shaped rb_level1 true

ftool delete rb_level1
ftool create rb_level1 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 1§r"
ftool unique rb_level1 true
ftool soulbound rb_level1 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level1 true 6
ftool linkrecipe rb_level1 true

# RB Level 2
fcraft delete rb_level2
fcraft create rb_level2 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore2,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 2§r"
fcraft description rb_level2 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 2
fcraft description rb_level2 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 71%
fcraft description rb_level2 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 20%
fcraft shaped rb_level2 true

ftool delete rb_level2
ftool create rb_level2 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 2§r"
ftool unique rb_level2 true
ftool soulbound rb_level2 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level2 true 7
ftool linkrecipe rb_level2 true

# RB Level 3
fcraft delete rb_level3
fcraft create rb_level3 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore3,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 3§r"
fcraft description rb_level3 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 3
fcraft description rb_level3 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 74%
fcraft description rb_level3 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 30%
fcraft shaped rb_level3 true

ftool delete rb_level3
ftool create rb_level3 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 3§r"
ftool unique rb_level3 true
ftool soulbound rb_level3 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level3 true 8
ftool linkrecipe rb_level3 true

# RB Level 4
fcraft delete rb_level4
fcraft create rb_level4 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore4,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 4§r"
fcraft description rb_level4 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 4
fcraft description rb_level4 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 77%
fcraft description rb_level4 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 40%
fcraft shaped rb_level4 true

ftool delete rb_level4
ftool create rb_level4 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 4§r"
ftool unique rb_level4 true
ftool soulbound rb_level4 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level4 true 9
ftool linkrecipe rb_level4 true

# RB Level 5
fcraft delete rb_level5
fcraft create rb_level5 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore5,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 5§r"
fcraft description rb_level5 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 5
fcraft description rb_level5 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 80%
fcraft description rb_level5 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 50%
fcraft shaped rb_level5 true

ftool delete rb_level5
ftool create rb_level5 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 5§r"
ftool unique rb_level5 true
ftool soulbound rb_level5 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level5 true 10
ftool linkrecipe rb_level5 true

# RB Level 6
fcraft delete rb_level6
fcraft create rb_level6 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore6,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 6§r"
fcraft description rb_level6 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 6
fcraft description rb_level6 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 83%
fcraft description rb_level6 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 55%
fcraft shaped rb_level6 true

ftool delete rb_level6
ftool create rb_level6 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 6§r"
ftool unique rb_level6 true
ftool soulbound rb_level6 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level6 true 11
ftool linkrecipe rb_level6 true

# RB Level 7
fcraft delete rb_level7
fcraft create rb_level7 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore7,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 7§r"
fcraft description rb_level7 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 7
fcraft description rb_level7 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 86%
fcraft description rb_level7 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 60%
fcraft shaped rb_level7 true

ftool delete rb_level7
ftool create rb_level7 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 7§r"
ftool unique rb_level7 true
ftool soulbound rb_level7 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level7 true 12
ftool linkrecipe rb_level7 true

# RB Level 8
fcraft delete rb_level8
fcraft create rb_level8 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore8,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 8§r"
fcraft description rb_level8 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 8
fcraft description rb_level8 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 89%
fcraft description rb_level8 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 65%
fcraft shaped rb_level8 true

ftool delete rb_level8
ftool create rb_level8 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 8§r"
ftool unique rb_level8 true
ftool soulbound rb_level8 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level8 true 13
ftool linkrecipe rb_level8 true

# RB Level 9
fcraft delete rb_level9
fcraft create rb_level9 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore9,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 9§r"
fcraft description rb_level9 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 9
fcraft description rb_level9 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 92%
fcraft description rb_level9 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 70%
fcraft shaped rb_level9 true

ftool delete rb_level9
ftool create rb_level9 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 9§r"
ftool unique rb_level9 true
ftool soulbound rb_level9 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level9 true 14
ftool linkrecipe rb_level9 true

# RB Level 10
fcraft delete rb_level10
fcraft create rb_level10 null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore10,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 10§r"
fcraft description rb_level10 1 §r§6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 10
fcraft description rb_level10 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 95%
fcraft description rb_level10 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 75%
fcraft shaped rb_level10 true

ftool delete rb_level10 
ftool create rb_level10 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 10§r"
ftool unique rb_level10 true
ftool soulbound rb_level10 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level10 true 15
ftool linkrecipe rb_level10 true

# RB Level 2
fcraft delete rb_level2
fcraft create rb_level2 "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 2§r" null,null,null,goldingot,h_rbcore2,goldingot,goldingot,null,goldingot schema_rb_level
fcraft description rb_level2 1 §6§lCoreLevel§r§l: 2
fcraft description rb_level2 2 §c§lSpeed§r:§5 71%
fcraft description rb_level2 3 §a§lEfficiency§r:§5 20%
fcraft shaped rb_level2 true

ftool delete rb_level2
ftool create rb_level2 schema_rb_level "§r§l[§6✈§r§l] Level 2§r"
ftool unique rb_level2 true
ftool soulbound rb_level2 true
ftool reclaimable rb_level2 true 6
ftool linkrecipe rb_level2 true

Old stuff

Fix for 1.15

give kademlia minecraft:golden_boots {display:{Name:"§r§l[§6 ✈ §r§l]-Blueprint"},HideFlags:39,AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.armor",Name:"generic.armor",Amount:0,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:1L,UUIDMost:1L}]}
flibrary create rb_level_blueprint

ftool enabled pt_disintegrater_stone true
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore1 true
fcraft enabled rb_level1 true

fcraft enabled rb_cpu true
fcraft enabled rb_link true
fcraft enabled rb_antig true

fcraft enabled fs_rbcore2 false
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore3 false

fcraft enabled rb_level2 false

fcraft enabled fs_rbcore6 true
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore7 true
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore8 true
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore9 true
fcraft enabled fs_rbcore10 true

fcraft enabled rb_level6 true
fcraft enabled rb_level7 true
fcraft enabled rb_level8 true
fcraft enabled rb_level9 true
fcraft enabled rb_level10 true