Alpha 1 Todo

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  • Check -15% repair level offset
  • Add "Sell similar items"
  • Add "Sell any in chest"
  • Change Shop-Sign impl
    • Last line = Price
    • Rules line
    • Name line only if registered trademark
    • Forced "F" interaction (if not basic material; boolean isBasicMaterial)
    • Sign-Buying only possible with user setting enabled (VIP?)
  • Check if "removeRecipe()" is now actually usable from Bukkit
  • Implement Page for /payment list on server side
  • Implement Page for /servers list on server side
  • board saving/deleting
    screen saving/deleting
  • Animal-Limits: Add all Animals players want to keep as pets
  • Possibly protect 'named' fish as normal fish despawn on their own in 1.16
  • Possibly Implement Animalinactivity again if too many entities on a single chunk (not needed for now as they age fast anyway; ActivationRange:227)
  • Add Campfires (and others?) to plotlimit
  • Test TileEntityCounting
  • Make sure soil can get wet event if a plant is on top
  • Convert all LibCmds without "text:" prefixes in the commands
  • Crate Openings are missing fmodels?