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Hover info of a Transaction

Decide if account numbers should be in order per user or not (anonymity)

  • In the real world there is no "index" of account numbers and no "this account is owned by X"
  • We could intentionally hide the account in general except if getting a transaction or sending money
  • Sending money without account number would still work
    • /money pay [playername]
      This would only expose the main-account of the user. Not secondary "hidden" accounts.
    • Hiding accounts might be a nice feature
    • Shops would not need an account on the sign
    • Shops probably will have a "VIP" feature with named accounts anyway that needs to be activated (trademarks)
	examples = {"pay Kade 5",
				"pay Kade:test 5 thanks for shopping!",
				"pay :myacc 5",
				"pay *100056 5 why u always lyin?",
				"pay Kade:5034 5"}
  • Transaction History
  • Transaction sharing (sharelocal)
  • Account switching
  • Account Naming
  • Trademark naming