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User / Building Todos

  • Space Station, Space Ships
  • Moonbase, Marsbase
  • Earth Teleporter, Space-Station Travelling System
  • Space Station drop down into planet sectors?

Design Todos

  • SL20W23: Land Command chat coloring output updates

Small Things

  • Todo: Change plot-border info message to double-chest only (and include beds)
  • Bug: /land previewrestore removes ArmorStands on top of each other
  • Check world-based permissions (homes working in nether)
  • Mobs dont spawn in the starter/island world?
  • Bug: ItemFrames can be griefed currently (block place)
  • Todo: Add Stream commands for !navi !fakestuff !area !land !shop !desktop !youtube !kadcon !etm !german !effects
  • Implement custom whitelist message, banned message, vip login message
  • Idea: "Death Log" for each Player. Allows you to look up how/why you died the last time you were online.
  • Bug: Amount of money in research is in cents but should be in mars
  • Todo: Look at right click as a feature
  • Bug: Fix rockets interacting on hitting each oter a lot on @Cmd commands?
  • Tablist: Broken only on join and enabled state
  • Bug: /worldsetting piston not working? /land piston not working?

Ideas / Brainstorm

  • Desktop: Universe Map
  • Desktop: Planet Info
  • Desktop: Fuel Usage / Time Travel?
  • Desktop: Research Tree?
  • Desktop: Tool overview & information / description
  • Desktop: Planet / FW Map + Teleport?
  • TradeManager: Transaction ID / Trade History / Trade Volume / API
  • SL20W24: Mcmmo Skill list, Tools Vs Skills
  • Possible upgrading for passive skill gathering
    • Generally we want the player to be able to do something while he is not online
    • The desktop-webview / research allows us to implement this
    • We need passive skills that generate usable things:
      • Solar panels generate "Power"

All the open Todos

  • LibMeta: / removeProxy / try to integrate Books/Shulkerboxes/test Shop system with Lib hashes
  • Crafting Recipes Permission System? Do we want some tools to only work after researching/leveling?
  • Fix Tablist Skin now showing layers
  • Research / Technology tech tree creation. Allow unlimited upgrading for some things
  • Solution for changing Materials on new Minecraft versions (Library System)
  • TODO: LibItems could get Updated if Minecraft removes internals (Enchantments get auto renamed)
  • Bug: FakeViewDistance not working correclty / FakeView is still disabled / breaks vanilla chunk light?
  • Bug: SkyLightHeightmap does not respect fences at least. Hightmap stops at fence - but fences have 15 light level
  • Implement fuel correctly
  • Possibly implement login-queue system?
  • Desktop: Tutorial Mode / Starter Mode
  • Friendlist on the screen
  • Validate "tryAddLoreData" for Tool/Crafting creation still works correctly including shops
  • Todo: Add a way to set JSON-Data to Lore/ItemName. Do not use .setLore from Bukkit Api as it is slow and still shows the §3 color codes
  • Flying: Improve implementation to use fuel while gliding (will fix getting damage on landing normally)
  • Placing Armorstands will result in duplicated UUID / placed twice?
  • Desktop on Website - Create Single Page App
    • (Allows us to show popups and do rest calls easily Optional)
    • (Allows us to do caching / not needed right now Optional)
    • (Allows us to chat ingame/website at the same time Optional)
  • Idea: Upgrade quality of "parts" (crystal) by interacting with something (grind stone fmodel) with chance of breaking. Crafting of more efficient tools/exosuit stuff
  • Add Hotkey/Notify system to run twitch ads on the hour every hour
    • Get a sound 30 second before hour switch
    • Have a hotkey that runs ads automatically (command in chat?)
    • Second sound after the ads are over
  • Add a !tutorial command + a tutorial website with text/image/video about the project

NiceToHave at some point

  • Feature: Only send out parts of the screen that are affected by menu changes
  • Feature: Allow Desktops to be private/public
  • Feature: Allow Desktops to have cursors of other people if wanted
  • Feature: Allow relocation of shops if a plot is relocated. For now just block/remove shops :)
  • Desktop, todo: Difficult to input text/string/numbers
  • "Expand Universe"

N2H: Missions

  • Mission Goal (Break 10 diamondore, harvest 10 goldore, sell 10 diamond to adminshop)
  • Mission Goal (go to location X,Y,Z)
  • Desktop Mission Details view (Tracking-Button, Progress-Bar, Description, Name)
  • (Tutorial Missions to get starter plot/ farmworld etc )
  • Special Mission items (soulbound) to make them only work for one player
  • Active Missions visible in desktop including a description
  • Desktop Button to re-enable the goal-tracking

N2H: Guilds

N2H: Fractions

N2H: Chat-Rooms

(Like a Telegram channel)

N2H: Tutorial

  • Learn that flying to the sky == teleport
  • Tutorial Planet -> Fly Up -> Space Station
  • Tutorial Asteroid crash landing?


  • Update FPanel Implementation to allow Images to be rotated up and down
  • Idea: How can array lookups be slower than a hashmap?
  • Idea: How to use Players as QA (TraceHelper)
  • Idea: Explain what makes crops growing slow in minecraft (chunk loading / page cache cpu problem)
  • Missing Sound for 2+ Month sub notifications
  • Test text2speech
  • Countdown clock on stream starting (+ coffee clock)
  • Update /land info command to the new system
    • Try to implement onclick events for plot flags
    • SL20W23: Amazing visual updates we need to implement (from 22855)
  • Bug: ? TileEntities are not deleted correclty? Chests dont drop their loot sometimes on removal?
  • Bug: Bungeecord steals /server command
  • Bug: Turtle helmet will result in constant EntityEffect Event spam: ( this.addEffect(new MobEffect(MobEffects.WATER_BREATHING, 200, 0, false, false,
  • Bug: Two implementations of "OnlineStats". Remove the old impl (StatsPod.onlineTimes)
  • Change Controller for OnlineTimes to /user/[podtype?]/... /user/onlinetime/ /user/stats

Open Offstream todolist

  • Bug: Make sure the executing player of a chunkli action cannot execute commands while the action is running (except OPs)
  • RegenWorldAreaAction needs a param if we want to use slow or forced writes ( conf.setForceWrite(false); conf.setForceRead(false); )
  • Bug?: ResponseEntity tries to compare non comparable values?
  • Bug: Shop output and transaction numbers do not match (0.01 cent off; caused by fees?)
  • Move the ShopSign Text to the json/Shop.class
  • Bug: Somehow the heightmap of chunks gets broken resulting in plants not growing correclty? What causes this?
  • Shop: any (Buy anything in the shop for the same price)
  • Hide Items in the Shop that cannot be bought (bedrock?) but keep items with custom display names! (info area)
  • LibId: Create head on existing lib is bugged (partially fixed...)
  • LibMeta libMeta = KAccessI.getLibraryManager().get(c.getName()); KAccessI.getLibraryManager().removeProxy(libMeta.getLibId(), bItemType.Head);
  • F: Crafting Recipes do not check any permission? Do we want to hide some recipes behind perms? (Leveling System)

N2H Old

Dynmap render on the Desktop? Missing Feature: /chunk rotate does not rotate fmodels/fplayer

Offstream: Fox-AI is shit. We need to limit foxes and/or remove parts of the AI app//net.minecraft.server.PathfinderGoalFleeSun.c(SourceFile:67)

Idea: Keep a ChatHistory based on each user ( json chat output data + command history data )

(offstream) Bug: slowlySaveLevel with IOThread and fakechunks creates syncroinzation problems ultimately resulting in errors on chunk saving

Add and check permissions for each useroption.

Add and check permissions for specific recipes?

OffStream: Move the ShopSign Text to the json/Shop.class

OffStream: Shop: any (Buy anything in the shop for the same price)

Idea: SuffixSearchTree takes a LOT of time to rebuild (onDelete) maybe use some other searchtree implementation?

Add "error sound" that gets played if the user is spamming / should stop typing too much in chat

API Requests:

  • Give all existing worlds
  • Give all existing accounts
  • Give UUID -> PlayerName lookup
  • Transaction
    • Monthly (cached possibly?)
    • Item LibId TransactionBuilder
    • Item Quantity TransactionBuilder
  • ItemLibrary
    • LibId exporting?
  • // FIXME: We still need to deregister mapids if our cachesize is reached. Currently we just delete everything if the cache limit was hit