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  • 001130 Eigenschaften von STREAM SELF.png
    Test recording + broadcasting simultaneously
  • Add ahk hotkeys for scene switching
  • Advanced Scene switcher probably not usable when streaming
  • Check noise gate / suppression on stream init
  • Calculate recording sizes per hour of stream for backups
  • Test dsrl secondary cam setup with Cam Link
  • Test follower highlighting shit / attention game

Obs Hotkey fixing:

                    "alt": true,
                    "control": true,
                    "key": "OBS_KEY_Q",
                    "shift": true

OBS only listens to key macros directly inserted into the window. AND does not support combination of normal keys as hotkeys


  1. Run as Admin (only fixes window focus)
  2. Use AHK to controlsend - allows us to use (A+B) as Hotkeys. Needed for macro keyboard F24 + X

⚒ Minecraft Java DEV: Spigot, Json, Spring, Couchbase, Minecraft internals, packet manipulation, remote code hotswapping & sync/async stuff

  • /add_blocked_term bigfollows

  • Mic distorted: Windows changed mic-volume again. Change back to 60-65%
  • Stream not hearing browser/game -> Sound -> Recording -> STREAM+SELF