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What is the goal?

We want to create an ingame computer screen. That screen can be used with a mouse cursor (see video!). The first goal is to basically have a large amount of the ingame commands directly accessible by simply clicking on the screen (/land buy, /land info, /user debugoption, etc.)

For this wee need good icons! This is where i need you!

Image Dimension

  • SCREEN SIZE: 640x384 pixels!
  • (OR 5*3 ingame blocks!)
  • Used Font: Most likely
  • LineSizes: Probably somewhere between 20px and 30px
  • Usable colors: Minecraft only supports ~160 colors. Keep that in mind!
  • Clickable Elements need to be ~30px width/height probably to make them easily usable (tile menu)

Minecraft Map cursors



Pixelart Parts from stream

We could use on the screen. Feel free to create new ones!

Toggle on text mini.png Toggle off text mini.png OnOff 22855.png Steineis landoptions.png Rb 22855.png Icons 22855.png

Common mistakes

  • Do not use anti-aliasing! This looks bad in MC!
  • Nearly everything needs to be smaller than you think. 640x384px is not a lot of space. Use the examples!

Needed Buttons / Icons

  • CLOSE Button (Most likely the Windows 10 one!)
  • Hide/Minimize Button (Most likely the Windows 10 one!)
  • Maximize (Switches from Desktop to Tablet (Map in hand)
  • Home Button (Back to the default Page of the Desktop)
  • Fast-Access Buttons (Top line, possibly tile-menu access, plot access, user options ?)
  • "Current Location" field that shows your location in the menu system like in the explorer? ( Example Home > User > Settings)

Needed Brainstorming / Ideas

  • Some form of a "tile menu" similar to the windows-tile menu that allows the player to easily switch options on an off (rocketboots on/off, debug setting on/off, etc)