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Decide how spawners should work


  • Spawner-Lifetime is limited in some way
  • Spawners per plot are limited in some way
  • Some way to get Spawners (buy, vote, craft, lucky-find item, ...?)

Possible stuff:

  • All spawners have a built in spawn-limit
  • Spawners get destroyed/replaced with another block if they are empty (make emptyness visible)
  • Spawners can be crafted (its luck what type of spawner and how good they are; good for trading; similar to enchanting)
  • Possible 'enchants'
    • Spawnspeed
    • Spawnamount
    • Spawngroupsize
    • Daily spawns
    • Plotlimit (1/1, 1/2)
  • Crafting should be expensive (gold,iron,diamond + growables?; possibly other time consuming activity-items like brewing/smelting/fuel-creation?)