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SL20W22 ►

Skipped Todos on Stream

  • F: Modelle: Add Flag to hide owner/item information in interaction
  • F: Modelle: Add TextMessage command - allows to set a special text for each model/player/mob. Text gets printed on interaction
  • Bug: ÖÄÜ do not work with SuffixSearchTree
  • Bug: /FModel (upper case) commands have no tabcompletion

OffStream Todos

  • OffStream: ShopImpl / Deleting shops needs to be redesigned with the new manager now?
  • Personalized Items (Tools) are registered as LibIds? Do we want this?

Daily Streams



  • Teleportation into Blocks on /land buy
    • Fixed Chunkli heightmap rotation bug
  • StarterV1 initial usertest
  • Permissions for Users /land /area /fmodel /fplayer /land showoptions!
  • Tabliste missing players / 5 second update fix
  • /h shortcut for /home tp X
  • /shop listarea
  • /shop list
  • Bug: /find shop -25_ <- Underscore breaks our SuffixSearchTree?
  • StarterIsland design for Ships/Balloons on 2x2 plot edges
Anmerkung 2020-05-13 134738.png


  • FModel highlighting bugged on own models
  • Bug: SetFlyingTest Models do not move on wheelmouse
  • Bug: /land bedrock takes forever (missing subtask declaration)
  • Bug: No Chunkli Session? /land buy? 404 on SAVE Backup
  • Bug: "/l test -> test" does not work as "->" will be seen as new command for endless [message...] command
  • Enabled Rocketboots!
  • Bug: /land buy for bedrock chunks does not work
  • Bug: 60+ Minutes onlinetime possible if the server restarts (userstats)


  • Bug: RocketBoots crafting is bugged (LibId problem)
  • Fix BungeeCord: BFPerm perms
  • LibId: Create head on existing lib is bugged (partially fixed...)
  • Bug: BootCores are not used in calculating speed in starterV1 world
  • Bug: Adding "ö" as Name via /fmodel setflyingtext is possible.
  • Fixed: Selling Expendable plots can result in wrong expendable plot counts.
  • Fixed: Fplayer Sitting would crash the clients (missing uuid), faulty Packet creation
  • Added: Show /land remove players on command
  • Fixed: CME on /land remove *
  • Added: /area remove supports wildcard
  • Added: /land remove now supports removing yourself from other plots again
  • Warping others was possible without extra permission


  • Replacing/Rewriting shops is now possible
  • Sending money to your own account is now allowed (shop testing)
  • Started converting all /land-Commands to new system
  • Implemented /land showoption tab completion commands [landoption]
  • /land list first new design test
    • Land-Flags as generated chat output
    • Land Members as generated chat output
  • Fixed Tablist regionName not showing up
  • [player,player] will now work problerly with TabCompletion
  • Bug: Fixed /land restore not working properly / (GridAreaAction was not setup correctly)


  • Bug: Roads get bedrock-protected on world creation, only buyable plots should be protected
  • Testing: IsRoadBlockedPrepPredicate, IsBuyablePrepPredicate
  • Regenerated the complete 900x900 chunks starterV1 world
  • /land rotate now has tabcompletion
  • Offstream: Converted all /land and /area commands


  • Bug: FModel/Player can be moved onto roads/other plots
  • Bug: rotating fences is bugged again / somehow not all rotatable blocks in MC are marked as BlockRotatable
  • Fix: /land XXX [confirm] had no tabcompletions for commands
  • /land Kick and kickall are now two seperate commands (tab completion)
  • Offstream: Added handleTransaction to Shops/ShopManager
    • transactionHistory FifoQueue 500
    • totalBoughtItems
    • totalBoughtSum
    • totalSoldItems
    • totalSoldSum
  • Offstream: Fixed Library setup
  • Offstream: Added RocketBoots Level 1 to 10 (heads to 18)
  • Offstream: Fixed Shop data saving on updates
  • Offstream: Fixed plots no longer loading
  • Offstream: Pasting commands into console will run all commands simultaneously (async), we do NOT want this. Keep the order.


  • Fix /transaction info output to show transactions
  • Shop Updates:
    • Disable instant-buy. Always open the shop menu
    • Add Useroption to enable instant buy
    • Add Command to query shop transactions /shop latest [X,Y,Z]
    • Update /shop info - and Stick-Info output
    • Offstream: Add Controller for Spring to download Transactions and Shops
    • Bug: Serverconsole active account is null? AccountManagerImpl.worldBankAcc
  • Bug: The RepairLevel is saved into LibIds. This should not happen


  • Offstream: Created "kson" Project to get Spring working correctly in bukkit/multiplugin context
    • Offstream: Moved all controllers to "kson"
    • Offstream: Added basic authentication system UserPod: ApiSettings
    • Offstream: Added basic test controllers
    • Offstream: Added /shop/ Controller
    • Offstream: Added /transaction/ Controller
  • Offstream: Optimized Couchbase Query for Transaction lookups (100ms -> 5ms)
  • Offstream: Fixed bug allowing trading with unregistered shops


  • Offstream: Add latest Bukkit, Craftbukkit & Spigot patches
  • Tablist: Fixed Money line
  • Talk/Brainstorm about how Status Updates will be done in the future
  • /user api // Kson Api calls
  • /user resetsecret // Kson Api calls
  • /user secret // Kson Api calls
  • Bug: Home creation on farmland will throw "unsafe location". Farmland is seen as full block?!
  • KsonAPI: Added /userstats/
  • KsonAPI: Added /land/
  • Bug: Mobs cannot be killed on plots of other people
  • Todo: Add a force-teleport to unsafe home locations /home tp NAME accept
  • Add TransactionMessageBuy, TransactionMessageSell


  • Bug: The shop text (actionbar) contains the #item not nickname
  • Bug: Creating a shop price of 0.5 would result in 0.05 on the sign
  • Bug: Buying extendable plots while standing on already bought ones does not work
  • Add TotalTransactions, TotalSumShopOpened
  • Add /tpa /tpahere /tpaccet /tpdeny for users/testing
  • Latest shop transactions ordered in the wrong direction
  • Only suggest new players on player,player command
  • Added Useroption: KsonTransactionLatestLimit. Allows admins to change max amount of "latest transaction" given out by API calls
  • Disable snowman from spawning
  • Game crashing when using the Stonecutter inventory (caused by server side inventory sorting)
  • Disallow chested horses from spawning in general directly on chunk loads


(See latest SL20WXX)

OffStream Stuff

(See latest SL20WXX)

  • Offstream: Farmworld generation now really slows down the system. Investigate.
  • Offstream: Todo: Showing skins for fake-players in tablist is no longer possible as we cannot change the name inside a gameprofile?
  • Offstream: Bug: WorldSetting "build" can only be on/off. But we kinda need three states (unset). Those would not be saved tho. What to we do to fix this?
  • Offstream: Todo: Check immediateRespawn flag. We probably want to enable this by default?
  • Offstream: Todo: Test if synchronized of RegionFileCache slows us down on worldgeneration
  • Offstream: Todo: Setup special fees-account to remove Adminsop<>fees same account transactions
  • Offstream: Bug: Fees-Transactions from Adminshop to itself get printed for the player
  • OffStream: Improve Shop-Sign-Creation by ignoring white-spaces