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◄ Pre-Stream_Log | SL20W23 ►


  • Bug: The shop text (actionbar) contains the #item not nickname
  • Bug: Creating a shop price of 0.5 would result in 0.05 on the sign
  • Bug: Buying extendable plots while standing on already bought ones does not work
  • Add TotalTransactions, TotalSumShopOpened
  • Add /tpa /tpahere /tpaccet /tpdeny for users/testing
  • Latest shop transactions ordered in the wrong direction
  • Only suggest new players on player,player command
  • Added Useroption: KsonTransactionLatestLimit. Allows admins to change max amount of "latest transaction" given out by API calls
  • Disable snowman from spawning
  • Game crashing when using the Stonecutter inventory (caused by server side inventory sorting)
  • Disallow chested horses from spawning in general directly on chunk loads


  • Farmworld now generates snowblocks for snowlayers/biomes
  • Farmworld teleport security "water block" fixed again (flowing)
  • RegionFileCache FakeChunks are now loaded with secondary files to prevend use of syncronized (slows down world generation heavily!)
  • Warps on the dynmap will get removed if the warp is deleted in the system
  • Nethergen.png

  • Offstream: (Info)Nether-Generator nor generates large structures on its own. We cannot generate as cleanly as in 1.12.x
  • Offstream: Fixed chunk generation reporting to little milliseconds used - causing more lags than necessary


  • Bug: IslandGenerator uses the wrong world when generating in the nether
  • Added /tpall
  • Bug: Way to many creature spawn requests are generated causing lags
  • Tablist: Skins are visible again. GameProfiles can have any name - only the "textures" has to be valid & signed.
  • Offstream: Implement ServerSettings
  • Offstream: Add early Whitelist kick to prevent chunk loading

2020-05-28 (Offstream, aka. the good stuff)

  • Implemented Server(Options/Commands/Facade/Manager/OptionType). Added WhitelisteMessage Option
  • Merged saving of LandOptions, WorldOptions, UserOptions, ServerOptions into a general OptionValueCache type that is cachable and gets auto-converted from json to hashmap + O(1) cache 😎
  • Trying to fix light bugs #1


  • Trying to fix light bugs #2
  • Finished updating to OptionValueCache


  • Trying to fix light bugs #3
  • Bug: StatsPod overwriting data in jackon only constructor
  • Bug: Saving Pods would call preDataSaving twice
  • Bug: Loading json would skip defaults
  • Bug: Sweet berries can be harvested on foreign plots
  • Bug: Animals on freshly generated chunks are not marked as "Natural"
  • We can now add custom trades to villagers
    • We can event add custom items to the trades
    • A max amount of ~20 Trades for each villager is useful (buggy scrollbar)
    • We should be able to spawn Fplayer with the new trading menu
  • Feature: Improve TradesManager
    • Add traded volume, trade history
    • STONE -> SELL (X) -> Transactionid (XXXJDFH346egds)
    • BEACON <- BUY (X) -> Transactionid (XXXJDFH346egd2)
  • Added another API Controller Query{username}/{datetime}
Villager Trading


  • Trying to fix light bugs #4
  • new NibbleArray[18] cannot really be used. We do not know if we start at -1 or 0 of the array while inserting data To correct this we would need to use Pair<Integer,NibbleArray> probably or a custom type (int start / NibbleArray[x])
  • Try to disable chunk.d(true); again after fixing light updates