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  • Offstream: Fixed light bugs in the map caused by to quickly unloading chunks after reaching ChunkStatus.FULL
  • Offstream: Fixed bugged light data on chunk shifting
  • Added /user instantrespawn to toggle instantrespawning
    • Added splash text that is shown on instantrespawning
  • Bug: Crops grow below other blocks?
  • Test: Add nausea/blindness on death event for 1-2 sec?
  • Bug: Rotating the nibble array light is bugged
  • Feature: Blindness on death respawn screen
  • Amazing visual updates we need to implement (from 22855)
  • Offstream: Installed Wiki Plugin MsUpload


  • Setup special fees-account to remove Adminsop<>fees same account transactions
  • Bug: Fees-Transactions from Adminshop to itself get printed for the player
  • Fix: Removed /tell suggestion for own messages in global/local chat
  • Investigate why setClick on a ChatMessageModel will insert the wrong symbols. Somehow the id of the field is null?    model2.setClick(ChatElement.GLOBAL, ChatMessageModel.raw("why u mad? is only a game", lang), Symbols.clickable, ClickEvent.Action.SUGGEST_COMMAND);  
    • URL parser needs "http" in front? We need a better regex that supports just "" as url
  • Setting the spawnpoin via multiverse /mvsetspawn for a world
  • Added /user tabcompletion help. This can disable/enable the help-texts on command tabcompletion
  • Feature: Add multi-user tell command? /tell name1,name2,name3 Hey guys you all suck :)
  • Feature: Sound on messages
    • Sound on private message always
    • Highlight names of players in chat messages
    • Allow changing highlight-color in chat for yourself /user chatmentioncolor
  • Mentions of players with @Name now get colored in chat globally
    • Offstream: @all to mention everyone + sound for admins
    • Offstream: @Mention should show playernames
    • Offstream: Bug: Endless params [message...] will not show the current word as currentParam()
    • Offstream: @Player now supported within other commands
    • Offstream: Add Useroption to disable message-sounds
  • Offstream: Turtle eggs are now protected on plots
Anmerkung 2020-06-02 225942.png


  • Bug: Some simple links do not get recognized as links in chat (Only one link per message is supported right now)
  • Private messages now support @Mentions and Links
  • Invalid Symbol is being shown instead of the given symbol? Somehow the clickid is null for some inputs
  • Feature: APi calls should show default values as well
  • Feature: /user chatmentionsound - allow users to change their own mention sound


  • Offstream: Added RUN_COMMAND to onDeath info with /find loc X,Y,Z chat output
  • Offstream: Interaction with Honeybee blocks is possible on foreign plots
  • Offstream: Bug: Home Teleport location is calculated incorrectly / fixed isLocationDamaging
  • Offstream: Bug /tpa text is wrong /tpahere...
  • Offstream: Bug: BuyOffer is always saved
    • Fixed LandArea offer not removing offers
    • Fixed OfferOption creation from jackson
  • Offstream: Fixed: public <T extends Option<O, V>, V> V reset(T option) of OptionValueCache returning the new value instead of the previous one


Anmerkung 2020-06-07 010722.png
  • Offstream: Split LandOptions into WorldOptions and LandOptions.
    • Updated how data is saved in WorldSettings
    • Reimplemented Optionable saving for WorldSettings
  • Offstream: Regenerate IslandsV1 outside of 0,0 - 128,128
  • Offstream: How /user load on login/respawn/worldchange
  • Offstream: Add /account top
  • Offstream: Added API controller path /auth


  • Bug: Animal "Natural" tagging on chunk loading is broken?
  • Add /back command
    • /ess back [reset]
    • Shortcut /back -> /ess back
  • Implement UserController to get UserImpl as DTO over API
  • Bug: Rebuild of searchtree on each plot sell/buy will kill the system (remove only)
  • Bug: Partial name lookup on playerOn,playerOn returned not enough names
  • API Controller:
    • /server/playerlocations/[world] <-- Needs /user ksonpubliclocation ON !
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