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Bug: Rockets from crossbows cause damage in non PVP areas

Bug: Lava flows over plot borders
Bug: SELLING items in adminshop (boots) with repair level is possible

Bug: Shifting plots below bedrock/to bedrock will teleport the player below the world

Bug: Chat-Mention sound will play even if the local-chat message cannot be seen

Bug: Useroption permission starts with uppercase "Kadi"

Flying machinges are possible - only on own plots!

Duping carpet is currently possible (Piston + Slime + coral)

Feature: Implement async player distance checking

Offstream done:

Skylight checking on a block "isSolid()" with n(type) and IBlockData type

  • Implemented new Heightmap for our system.
  • SKYLIGHT_HEIGHTMAP("SKYLIGHT_HEIGHTMAP", HeightMap.Use.LIVE_WORLD, HeightMap.skyLightPredicate), // kade
  • Still need to rewrite growth code in WorldTicker


Bug: Bamboo not growing if only 1 block high

Skill System:

  • UserData: Level, Broken Blocks / Killed Entities / UserStats

Brainstorming Skill System

*MiningType (Gathering)
*WeaponType (Combat, Swords, Archery, Armor )
*MovementType (Walking, Flying, Swimming, Teleport, Falling, Jumping, Breathing (Oxygen), Riding (Horses/Minecarts) )
*SpecialTypes (Acrobatics, Repair, Taming, Brewing/Alchemy, Crafting, Fishing 'Treasure finding')
*FastFood Skill (eate more than needed)
/skill -> CommandManager | Info | Set [skill] | activate | SkillNames enum
SkillManager ( ... ) 
UserPod -> SkillData (Level/Xp/BrokenBlocks etc.)
Test a Tool that will create a 10x1x1 line of blocks
  • Implemented Skill Commands/Manager/Skilltype/SkillPod
    • Introduced first test skill "Mining" that can break any stoneblock instantly
    • Implemented some nice effects for the Skill
    • Implemented a rate-limit on executing
    • Usage: Rename ANY item to "Mining" hand hold in the off-hand!


Brainstorm: What is the difference between Tools ans Skills?

  • Currently Tools and Skills are basically the same. We need to make them different - otherwise there is no need to implement both
    • Tools always temporary (until used up)
    • Skills regenerate - forever
      • Skill: Generate %more UBI based on online time
      • Skill: Generate some food while offline
      • Skill: Generate fuel for RB passively
      • Skill: Need to reach Level X of Mining to actually enable crafting of "Mining Tool Level 2"
      • Skills basically unlock stuff or generate something passively - everything else could be a tool.
  • Compression/Decompression of Blocks
    • KShop like menu with the available skills based on the user level
    • Compression will cost "Energy" (?)
      • User has Energy storage in his backpack
      • Energy storage can be drained/filled
      • Maybe a passive skill to generate small amounts of energy over time (solar panels / rocket fuel converter)
      • Warping needs energy? Teleporting far distances needs more energey?
      • Teleporting often uses up more energy?
      • Energy used to quick-start rocket boots (similar to hybrid car engine)
    • Decompression is free
    • Leveling up the skill of Compressing will consume the items we want to compress!


  • I dont like "Skills"
  • We have Space Stations, Mars Colonies , we have "Rockets" (Boots), we have Fuel, probably Energy/Powers as well.
  • We got a polluted earth, we have 'real' planets.
  • More realistic to have Tools, to have Resources, to have Materials --> Research/Technologies
  • Research
    • Example: Unlocking Compression/Decompression of Cobblestone.
      • Cost: Invest 5000 Cobblestone (Farm/Buy 5k Cobblestone)
      • Unlocks Cobble De/Compression
    • Unlocking further technologies has preconditions
    • We basically have a research-tree that defines in what order we can research/unlock


  • WE NEED SPACESHIPS AND SPACE STATIONS!. Plz give pics / blocks
    • Unimportant: Spaceship without interior -> Design only in the lobby
    • Important: Spaceship with interior (not too big!) used as 'player base' with upgrade/research station on it
  • Implemented Research(Manager/Command), ResearchProgress

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