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  • Desktop, todo: Difficult to input text/string/numbers
  • Desktop, Bug : Clicking on the outside is possible (right side)
  • Desktop: Method to input numbers (slider), small input field


  • WorldRestore: Creative World regeneration does not need bedrock in the ground
  • Feature: Day/Night setting per client
  • Bug: XP is being transported between creative / survival
  • Bug: Shop-Creation is broken. Text is missing on the creation sign?
  • Bug: ReplayPlayers are not moving. Most likely missing packet output
  • Feature: Add Integer-Value sliders
  • Bug: ItemFrames can be griefed currently (block place)


  • Creative World is now online
  • Sliders on desktop are working
  • Categories are working for user options
  • Kicking is possible
  • Todo: Add Stream commands for !navi !fakestuff !area !land !shop !desktop !youtube !kadcon !etm !german !effects
  • Todo: BoardState for each player needs to be saved and created for each player - not statically for everyone as it is now
  • Todo: Change transaction implementation to DB = integer id not transaction id