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2020-09-21 - 2020-09-27

  • Bug "tryAddLoreData" for Tool creation, color representation
  • Bug Couchbase transactions not working correctly after server relocation, seems couchbase indexes get broken on cb imports; recreation fixed it
  • Bug Ticklist: still ticking fire. Probably should be off
  • Change: TickListServer predicate now checks if a block is Ticking or not
  • Todo: Add a way to set JSON-Data to Lore/ItemName. Do not use .setLore from Bukkit Api as it is slow and still shows the §3 color codes
  • Flying: Improve implementation to use fuel while gliding (will fix getting damage on landing normally)
  • Placing Armorstands will result in duplicated UUID / placed twice?
  • Do terraforming by running conversion-action 3x with the different replacement states?
  • Implemented GodMode Useroption
  • Fixed flight state not reseting on teleportation within a world
  • Fixed /ess fly not working correctly
  • Fixed desktop interaction possible from the back of the screen
  • Fixed Wiki seach function not working
  • Bug: Terraformer we should probably allow terraforming if the above block is some king of flower/plant as well
  • Feature: Test if terrain generation works async. Sounds like it should based on this: -> Waayyy to much work, cannot find an easy way
  • Bug: ProjectileHitEvent gets repeated a lot on @Cmd commands if rocket is stuck?
  • Tablist: Broken only on join and enabled state
  • Possible to create two shop signs at one chest with ShopTool
  • Bug: /worldsetting piston not working? /land piston not working?