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◄ SL20W42 | SL20W44 ►

  • PlanetManager
  • Change implementation of data to use OptionValueCache
  • Add sound for look at
  • Add planet description
  • Add actual warping for planets
  • Add default home tp
  • Add default flight state
  • Limit initial X,Z movement after TP until we reach <256 (limit until hit ground once)
    • Know that someone teleported lately
    • Listen to the movement speed (if flying) -> Reduce velocity in X,Z
  • Fixed bug that made falling after flying result in normal damage instead of just 5%
  • Implemented asteroid belt idea
  • Reduced loadup-time of travel action
  • Added several abort checks for travel action
  • Added 3 second slow_falling after planetary teleportation
  • Added "Planet" Travel type to be spawned in the sky
  • Set flight-damage reduction to 5 seconds
  • Set teleport-flight-damage reduction to 15 seconds
  • Added automatic "flying" state after planetary teleportation