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  • Desktop keyboard input
    • Limit input-speed
    • Limit input field max
    • Add regex checking for mail-field input (from /t ....
    • Add "spam-page" with captcha system
    • Add a list of blocked mail providers
    • Chat-Output a warning if a blocked mail provider was detected
    • Set some keys to disabled on the keyboard depending on the regex from the input-field
  • Mailing-System
    • Test actually sending out email
  • Add game-state-manager
    • Add frozen "spectator mode" (mail registration)
    • Add frozen "spectator mode" (camera transition testing)
    • Add area-limitiation depending on current state (tutorial phases)
    • Add state-switchting by admin command
  • "Jump over fence requires level 35 agility"
    • Can we add entry-limitations to things/shortcuts/planets/features
    • This would allow a more guided/directed leveling experience
    • The user needs to finish research XYZ to be able to access ABC