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  • Desktop / Screen
    • Complete rewrite of frame-caching
      • FramePartRenderCache
        • Missing automatic cleanups of old frames data
        • Missing increase of allowed cache-size
        • Missing commands to get info/cleanup
      • BoardStateCache
      • ScreenRenderExecutorService for async single thread rendering
        • Prevents CPU-usage attacks
    • Bug: Just updating the position does not work - we currently send images again all the time
    • Bug: We send updates to everyone in the area - only send to specific users?
  • Plants
    • Fixed plant positioning
    • Added differently sized plants, allow all sizes (1,1) (x,z)
    • Its Wednesday my dude meme "plant"
    • get plant-image automatically by type + state
    • How different are plants?
    • Do we need multiple HTML for Plants?
    • Different sizes for plants? Parameters for the html?
  • Tutorial
    • Added Cube1 implementation
    • Added generalized cube-render implementation
  • Stages
    • Rotating Pitch/Roll is TRASH
    • Dont do it. Not worth the time. Pretty much only rotating actual block-types are easy
  • Implemented different sizes for plants
  • Bug: FlightState is still loaded after reloading kadi plugin