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2020-08-17 - 2020-08-23

  • Research Detail View
    • "Longer" explanation (including an image possibly)
    • Item Input (cost of research, total steps needed)
    • Item/Technology output ( show what you get from doing this)
    • Progress bar!
    • Header / name / icon
    • Header / Category
    • Header (Back button)
    • Buttons ( Upgrade x1, Upgrade x10 )
  • Desktop transparency
  • desktop right clicking
  • desktop 0 width
  • desktop speedup ~50%
  • Add right click to website
  • Add right click info
  • Add text API

New Plants on different planets

  • Have plants drop special items
  • Plants can grow back items (changing looks of the plant)
  • Plants can be havested by players - resulting in an itemdrop and change of plant texture
  • Plants in the lobby will can be harvested by everybody no matter if some other player was there a second ago (individual regrow timer for every player)
  • Plants might give you some special boost effect for X Minutes like beacons / potions
  • Plants might give you oxygen, allowing you to survive longer on special events (asteroid farming event)
  • Research needs drops of plants, plants are on different planets (Level 0 needs diamond, level 1 needs diamond + spacestation research plant; level 5 needs dia+spaceresearch + mars reseach)