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2020-08-24 - 2020-08-30

  • 10+ Hours trying to find bugs caused by windows firewall?
  • Reloading command causing some profiles to be reset
  • Implemented research progression shown on screen
  • Implemented research now possible by clicking on screen
  • Async loading of images / icons
  • Correct async use loading of PagePalette colors
  • Bug: InboundChannelListener breaking on reloading the kadi plugin
  • Idea: "Death Log" for each Player. Allows you to look up how/why you died the last time you were online.
  • Bug: Amount of money in research is in cents but should be in mars
  • Todo: Look at right click as a feature
  • Technology: setup tech that allows easy upgrading of level 1-100


  • Have special locations "meteorite impact crater" that contain special plants -> research
  • Those locations have special mobs around them "slime-meteor" -> slimes spawning, slime-research drop
  • Harvesting the plants will spawn some mobs
  • Everybody can farm the plants base on personalized timer
  • The special locations are protected and/or a building surrounding them


  • Implement "finished screen" for research
  • Actually have research grant some tech
  • Implement secondary popup screen with right click
  • Add default "technology research result" to the screen