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  • 1.17.1 Update
    • EntityDestroyPacket accepts a list again \o/
    • Implement Entity copy in Chunkli with new EntityManagement-System of Minecraft
    • Implement stacking of chunk data test command
    • Fix mc always loading world-spawn on player connection
  • Implement a DenyList to disable a set of blocks we do not want to be using in the beginning
    • Bundle
    • ShulkerBoxes
    • Sculk sensor
    • Maps
    • ItemFrame / Paintings ? (should be ok because of special manager)
    • Heads? (should be ok because of whitelist)
    • Written Books? Probably want a management-system for this? Maybe like ISBN?
      • We dont really need "random books" all over the place.
      • Would even prevent all kinds of book-spam-attacks
  • Reimplement World-Saver and test validity by crashing the server after a save-execution
    • Still needed for re-opening files to make sure we do not loose too much on a crash
    • Still needed to write out chunks that are loaded for a long time and would be lost on a crash
    • Validate saving frequency is down a LOT as we save entities in their own system
    • Validate entities are force-saved as well!
    • MC Still saves everything at once "Saving chunks for level" including entitiy data
      • Reintroduction of World-Save is needed in the end
  • Add /world reload command
  • Implement a TutorialManager
    • Commands
    • Tutorial-data-Class
      • Name, Location, Area
      • Item-List to add
      • Item-List to remove?
      • Clean/clear inventory
      • Temp-Save inventory / load inventory?
      • Reset flight-data?
    • Persistence
    • Facade
    • Actions
    • TutorialPod